College What I Eat in a Day

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I love food and hate the dining halls. As the school year is coming to a close, I wanted to share what I typically eat every day at school.



I always start the morning with a cup of coffee that I make in my Keurig and add a splash of almond milk. IMG_2598.jpeg

For breakfast, I made oatmeal using dry oats and almond milk. For toppings, I add chia seeds, PB2 powder, cinnamon, and honey.

Lunch IMG_2603.jpeg


I got a salad in a to-go box from the dining hall for lunch. In my salad, I added: mixed greens, hardboiled egg whites, purple onion, feta cheese, green olives, edamame beans and Chinese noodles. I also got some noodles from the dining hall and added some locally made sauce that I bought.



I am lucky that I have a kitchen in my residence hall. I love to cook veggies in the kitchen. For dinner, I had roasted potatoes, onions, mushrooms and broccoli. I seasoned my veggies with Everything, but the Bagle seasoning from Trader Joe’s and nutritional yeast.


I hope you enjoyed seeing what I typically eat every day! What do you normally eat?

Travel Diary: NYC

Last week, I posted a lookbook for my spring break to New York City. This week, I am going to tell you all about my trip! I am super lucky that my two best friends, Meg and Taylor (I will link their blogs down below), are from Fairfield, Connecticut, which is a suburb of NYC. We spent some time in Fairfield so they could show me around their hometown, but the highlight of the trip was for sure the city. Keep on reading if you want to hear about our adventures!

Day 1

We took a train into New York City! When I have visited New York in the past, I have flown or drove into the City, so taking the train was super fun. The ride from Fairfield to Grand Central Station was a little bit over an hour. When we arrived at Grand Central, I was in awe, since I have never seen the train station before. It was a beautiful building with so much chaos. I typically get overwhelmed in chaotic situations, but there is something I love about the chaos of big cities. IMG_2114.jpeg

After checking into our hotel, we took a necessary stop at Taylor’s favorite coffee shop in NYC, Macchiato Espresso Bar before heading out for the day. Obviously, we went shopping. We went to Sephora and Zara before taking a lunch break/ photo shoot in Bryant Park. For lunch, we had outstanding salads from Sweetgreen. Sweetgreen is a make your own salad joint. Let me tell you, the salad I had from Sweetgreen was THE best salad I have ever had. Everything was so fresh and sweet!IMG_2116.jpegIMG_2120.jpeg












Once we finished lunch, we headed over to Broadway. I love theatre and have seen a bunch of shows at Playhouse Square in Downtown Cleveland, but this was my first time seeing a Broadway show. We saw ‘A Bronx Tale’ which is newer to Broadway and it was fantastic. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend seeing this show. The story, the music, and the dancing were amazing and I loved every second of it!IMG_2131.jpeg

Although I have not yet had the opportunity to see ‘Hamilton,’ Meg and I are both obsessed with the show, so we had to stop by the theater to take a picture. We were lucky enough to come across a Hamilton pop-up shop where we spent a good amount of time looking around. For dinner, we went to a delicious Italian restaurant near Broadway called Tony Dinapolis. The dishes were served family style, so we collectively decided on a few items. Everything was fantastic!IMG_2101.jpegIMG_2150.jpeg

To end the day, we taxied to Eately for dessert! I had hazelnut and chocolate gelato that was good… but I have had better. To be honest, I just such a big fan of regular ice cream, I don’t think gelato did it for me. Otherwise, Eately was awesome. There was fresh Italian food everywhere. I wish I could have bought ingredients from Eately to cook a meal. IMG_2158.jpeg

Day 2

The second day in New York City, we decided to go downtown to Soho. Before we took the subway to Soho, we had to stop for coffee. My family friend owns Joe Coffee Company, which has multiple locations throughout New York. We went to the Joe Coffee inside of Grand Central for our morning lattes. This was one of the best almond milk lattes that I have ever had. It was perfect for my morning caffeine fix! IMG_2236.jpeg

By the time we got to Soho, we were starving, so we searched for a place to have brunch. As we were walking around, we came across the cutest vegetarian restaurant called West-Bourne. None of us are vegetarians, but according to Meg, West-Bourne had “the best breakfast sandwich I have ever had.” I can agree that my mushRuben (a vegetarian Ruben) was absolutely delicious. I also had homemade Kombucha for the first time. IMG_2252.jpeg


After lunch, we explored the shops and art galleries of Soho. Soho is Taylor’s favorite part of NYC and the part where she feels most comfortable. She showed us the office in which she interned in last summer. I decided that Soho is my favorite part of NYC too. Downtown is a lot more chill than uptown. Uptown is fun, but the chaos of Time Square drives me crazy. There are fewer tourists and more locals downtown.IMG_2265.jpeg

After a coffee and cupcake break at Georgetown Cupcakes, we decided to walk to the 9/11 Memorial. This was the one tourist spot I wanted to see during this trip to the city. It was a beautiful monument and very emotional. Next time I am in NYC, I would love to visit the 9/11 Memorial Museum. When flying into New York, when I saw the city skyline, the first skyscraper that I saw was the One World Trade Center which stood out to me more than the rest of the buildings because of its significance.




To end our time in the city, we had dinner at a sushi restaurant. Like all of the other meals I had in NYC, it was absolutely delicious. If you’re a foodie, you have to try the restaurants in New York City. Every meal I had was so fresh and yummy! On our way to Grand Central to catch our train, we stopped at Baked by Melissa and got some mini cupcakes for our ride back to Fairfield.


This was such a fun girls trip to New York City for spring break! I had the best time with my best friends and can’t wait for more adventures! Shoutout to Meg and Taylor for showing me around their city. XOXO

Taylor’s Blog-

Meg’s Blog-

Lookbook: New York City

Over spring break, I spent 2 days in New York City! I had the best time shopping, eating and seeing my first Broadway show. Check out the rest of this post to see what I wore in NYC!

Day 1



Jacket- Lulu Lemon: Non-Stop Bomber *Reversible

Sweater- Free People: Comb Cropped Turtleneck Sweater

Pants-Hudson Jeans: Stevie Lace-Up Skinny Jeans

Shoes- DSW: Journee Collection Rimi Bootie

Purse- B Mona: Alexa Crossbody

*Not all of the links are exact replicas of my clothing because most of these items are from TJ Maxx or last season, but they’re as close as possible*

Day 2


Belt- Amazon: Women Leather Belts Ladies Vintage Western Design Black Waist Belt for Pants Jeans Dresses

Jacket- Lulu Lemon: Non-Stop Bomber *Reversible

Top- Forever 21: Sheer Floral Lace Ruffle Top

Pants- Old Navy: Mid-Rise Rockstar Raw-Edge Jeans

Shoes- DSW: Journee Collection Rimi Bootie

Purse-  B Mona: Alexa Crossbody

*Not all of the links are exact replicas of my clothing because most of these items are from TJ Maxx or last season, but they’re as close as possible*

NYC Travel Diary coming next week!

48 Hours in Cleveland

This weekend began spring break! For the first part of spring break, I brought my two best friends from OU home to Cleveland for the weekend. My friends, Meg and Taylor, are from Fairfield, Connecticut which is a suburb of New York City. This weekend, my mission was to prove to my friends that there is more to Ohio than small towns and farmland. We had less than 48 hours to explore Cleveland, so I took them to as many hot spots as possible with the small amount of time that we had.
When we first got to my house Friday, we did not plan on leaving for the rest of the night. Meg and Taylor got to try Chick-fil-A for the very first time and obviously loved it. There is something about Chick-fil-A chicken that makes it taste so much better than any other fried chicken. If you know me, you know I don’t go out of my way to eat fried chicken… ever… EXCEPT… if it’s Chick Fil A.
Saturday morning, we woke up early and had a very long, full and fun day. We started our day at my favorite

IMG_2095.jpegcafe for lunch, Stone Oven at Eaton. When I am home, Stone Oven is a lunchtime MUST HAVE. I swear (my mom will back me up on this) Stone Oven has the best tuna salad in the city. I typically only eat wheat bread, but the bread at Stone Oven is made fresh, so I always get my tuna salad on delicious sourdough bread. Obviously, I get couscous as my choice of side.

After lunch, we spent some time exploring Chagrin Falls. Chagrin Falls is full of local restaurants and boutiques. It looks straight out of a storybook. Gypse Soul and Winds of Change are two of my favorite stores in Chagrin Falls, so we shopped around a little bit. We were super lucky because Winds of Change was having an amazing 80% off sale! We also went to Knuth which isn’t in Chagrin Falls, but it is defiantly my favorite boutique in Cleveland.
Saturday night, we went to Ohio City, which is a neighborhood in downtown Cleveland. Of course, I had to take my friends to Townhall for dinner. The wait for Townhall was a little bit over an hour, but if you have ever been to Townhall, you know it is well worth the wait. Like usual, all of the food was extremely fresh and delicious. I love how Townhall is constantly updating their menu with new, tasty options. It is defiantly my favorite restaurant in Cleveland.
We ended the night nowhere else, but Mitchell’s Ice Cream. I am a die hard Mitchell’s fan and seriously don’t know how I survive school, without it. (yes, I know I’m being dramatic). I have been hyping up Mitchell’s to Meg and Taylor literally since the day I met them, so they had VERY high expectations. They said the ice cream was defiantly worth the hype and loved it! I know where we will be going back next time they visit!
On the drive home, we drove around to see the rest of the city. I love that Cleveland is a big city, but small enough to drive around and see all of the sights. We drove through The Flats, passed The Q (sadly, Meg is a Golden State Warriors fan, so this was a tough sport for her to see), Progressive Field and East 4th Street. We saw the worlds largest outdoor chandelier in the theater district and the Rock ’n Roll Hall of Fame.
I think I proved to my friends that there is actual civilization in Ohio and that Cleveland is by far the best city in Ohio. Now we are off to visit their hometown in Connecticut and spend a few days in New York City!