My Favorite Superfoods

Over the past year or so I have become very aware of the food I put into my body.  I tend to live a pretty healthy lifestyle, it allows me to indulge in my favorite “junk foods” on the weekend. I believe that everything is okay to eat in moderation. During the week I like to eat as healthy as possible. Being a freshman in college and living in a dorm, sometimes makes it hard to stick to a strict and healthy diet. That being said, I like to stick to what I call a “healthy (college girl) lifestyle”. I love to add superfoods to my meals for an extra boost of nutrients in my body.

Liquid Aminos

Liquid Aminos is a great alternative to soy sauce. Soy sauce can be very high in sodium, while liquid aminos are salt-free. I love to dip my favorite veggies in liquid aminos or bring some with me when I am eating sushi.

Liquid Aminos

Nutritional Yeast

Sometimes cheese upsets my stomach, so as an alternative, I like to add nutritional yeast to my pasta for a similar taste. Nutritional yeast is a complete protein and a must have in my diet. Did I mention, it is also super delicious on veggies and rice?!

Nutritional Yeast

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are a great source of fiber and they fill you up for hours. I love adding chia seeds to my oatmeal in the morning or mixing them with a glass of water instead of having an afternoon snack.

Chia Seeds

PB2 Powder

PB2 powder is a powdered peanut butter. You can mix PB2 with water to make a creamy peanut butter spread. However, I skip that step, and prefer to mix the powdered for it into my oatmeal. This creates a delicious flavor and is a great source of protein.

PB2 Powder

Apple Cider Vinegar

Last, but not least, my favorite superfood, apple cider vinegar. The flavor of ACV may not be the best, but I love mixing it with tea or my own ACV “cocktails.” Many people believe that ACV helps with weight loss, which is not true. It regulates weight loss and stomach acid. Apple cider vinegar has countless health benefits.

Apple Cider Vinegar

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